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Frequently Asked Questions About The Demo Process

1) What kinds of services do you provide?
This is a full service recording studio- For demos, I usually do the pre-production myself, including ascertaining what kind of arrangement the song might need, and laying down the basic rhythm tracks. Then I have access to a number of talented musicians if need be to help demo the client's songs so that it may be submitted to industry for consideration as cuts on artist's records. Some of the players I hire are the same ones who perform with artists on major labels- players like Troy Klontz who played steel guitar with Brooks and Dunn, Steve King who toured with Keith Urban, and Rich Redmond, known for his drumming with artist Jason Aldean, among many other acts.

2) Schedule of fees for demos, add-ons, etc.
I charge $150 for a guitar/vocal demo, when you (or someone you hire) sing the demo. Another vocalist would be an additional $50 to $150, depending on what they charge for their services. If I, for example, sing the demo, I charge $50. Most pro demo singers charge $100, but some charge more. I charge $560 for a basic full production demo- this will include acoustic guitar(s), electric guitar(s), bass guitar, drums, possibly Dobro or mandolin, possibly some keyboards. Additional instrumentation is extra, usually costing $50 to $75 per instrument, and again, vocalists run an additional $50 to $150. So a typical demo with, for example, a pedal steel and a female vocalist would cost about $710. Without the steel guitar, subtract $50.

3) Is there a difference in an "Artist Demo" and a "Songwriter Demo"?
Yes- typically, the artist demo will involve much more time from the producer, therefore the cost will reflect the extra time it takes to "produce" the demo. An artist may need guidance in many aspects of their recording experience, from song selection to final product. The artist demo must be carefully polished due to the fact it will be representing that artist's efforts when presented to music industry professionals. The costs (usually about $1000 per song) will vary depending on the artist's needs, and the rules of the "songwriter demos" don't necessarily apply.

4) What do you need from me, the client, to get started?
All I need is your rough draft on tape, CD, etc., and a lyric sheet.

5) Can you accept internet submissions (MP3, lyric sheets, Paypal/credit cards)?
Yes, you can send me the rough via email, as well as lyrics. I accept PayPal payments as well as checks and cash. (Paypal customers must add a 5% surcharge since Paypal extracts their fee) I do not require a down payment- you pay only when you are happy with the demo. *

6) What's the typical turnaround time?
It varies as to how busy I am, but usually runs about 2-4 weeks, but in some instances can run longer.

7) Is there a guarantee?
If you're not happy, I'm not happy- and since I don't ask for payment until you are satisfied, you can't lose.

8) Any "hidden fees"?
No- but sometimes clients ask for things (extra mixes, replacement vocals, etc.) that weren't stipulated in the original work order. Demo making isn't an exact science, and it isn't cut and dried. So sometimes there can be fees that are above the parties' first expectations. Just be aware that even though I will bend backwards to make the client happy, if there is undue extra work involved there may be associated fees. I make every effort to keep the client apprised of the possibility of additional fees so as to not surprise them.

*Out of state clients are asked to pay a deposit, however I will refund the deposit if you're not satisfied. PayPal customers also must include a 5% fee to offset PayPay's charges and bookeeping fees.



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